Holidays are always a great time to spend in the kitchen and around food! We have had so much fun baking pies, dinners, and other treats together!


At Halloween, the residents love the parade of grandchildren and great-grandchildren who come to visit in their costumes.

IMG_0920 - Copy

 IMG_0919The holiday brings with it Candy, Costumes and CRAZINESS!

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Neighborhood fun:

The residents host neighborhood kids who came to visit at meal time. They are very proud of their personally arranged center piece of flowers that they made using flowers cut from the yard!


Christmas Time:  Special parties and activities are organized to get ready for the holidays. Each year, residents enjoy making gingerbread houses, decorating the tree, making and decorating cookies, and singing holiday carols. Of course no year would be complete without the annual ornament exchange with families!





One resident prepares for a carol singing festival with an outfit that packs a punch!




Art Therapy:

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Riverview is the only Adult Care Home in Oregon selected by the Geezer Gallery for a pilot Art Therapy program. This program was sponsored by a grant from OHSU with the purpose of exposing seniors to art therapy. Our residents loved the 10 week program, which enabled them to produce their own art and writings.